Every patient struggling with addiction faces a unique set of challenges depending on their personal history and life circumstances. To accommodate patients from all walks of life, Lake Substance Abuse Solutions specializes in providing targeted case management (TCM) for patients under medication-assisted treatment. During the course of treatment, our case managers can provide patients with access to various medical, social, and educational resources to help them achieve and maintain a steady recovery.

What Is Targeted Case Management?

In the world of healthcare, especially substance abuse recovery, the many moving parts of the treatment process can sometimes be challenging for patients to manage on their own. At our drug rehabilitation center, we assign patients a case manager who’s responsible for coordinating everything involved with treatment — including substance use assessments, mental health assessments, physician visits, and individual or group therapy — so patients can focus on their recovery. Our case managers are well-versed in all aspects of substance abuse treatment and approach every patient’s situation with compassion and care. Each patient is given individualized attention to best determine the right solution for their substance dependencies. Take the first step in overcoming your addiction — get in touch with us today to learn more about our addiction treatments.

Types Of Targeted Case Management For Substance Abuse Disorder

Targeted case management is not a one-size-fits-all solution — there are multiple different types of TCM used in the mental health field to treat different types of conditions. Here at Lake Substance Abuse Solutions, there isn’t just one model that our case managers rely on. With this in mind, it’s essential that patients, their families, and friends understand the different approaches to TCM, so they get the right treatment. The four most common types of targeted case management for substance abuse include the following.

At Lake Substance Abuse Solutions, our No. 1 priority is our patients. Because of this, we strive to provide everyone with the highest quality of care and treatment. Our case managers are highly trained and ready to help you on the road to recovery. Contact us today to begin your rehabilitation journey.

Benefits Of Targeted Case Management

Patients reap numerous benefits when their recovery is in the hands of a professional case manager. Case managers devote their full attention to patients, so no part of addiction treatment falls through the cracks. In line with our patient-first approach to treatment, case managers help patients feel in control of their treatment by listening to patient feedback and assisting Dr. Shelton and his team while they focus on providing high-quality individual treatment plans. This collaboration leaves room for treatment modification — if something isn’t practical or if the patient feels it’s not working, the treatment plan can be modified promptly. Case managers also work together with a patient’s family and friends to ensure the treatment plan incorporates a patient’s support system. Most importantly, case managers are there to encourage and support patients on the road to recovery.