Our Treatment Philosophy

Lake Substance Abuse Solutions was developed to address the needs of adults struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). We believe addiction is a disease that affects brain function and should be treated as any other medical condition.

Because of this belief, we make every effort to treat the person, with integrative and evidenced-based care. We combine the most current treatment methods, delivered by caring and experienced healthcare providers, to achieve the best result.

We recognize the ultimate goal is to get life back on track, and there is no one way of accomplishing this goal that is the same for every individual. With that understanding, we assist in tailoring treatment that is individualized and specific for your recovery by offering a variety of opportunities to assist you.

Our experienced and caring staff will treat you with respect, compassion, and without judgment. We go to great measures to ensure confidentiality and encourage you to discuss any concerns during your first phone call.

Services We Offer