Substance Abuse Programs In Franklin

Our addiction treatment center in Franklin, KY, specializes in integrated treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction.

215C Bluegrass Rd., Suite B
Franklin, KY 42314

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

When people are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, they can’t always find the time, money, or motivation to travel far for substance abuse treatment programs. Not to mention, being in an unfamiliar setting adds stress that can affect one’s recovery. Lake Substance Abuse Solutions takes care of these concerns. We have several locations in Kentucky so our patients can seek treatment near where they live. Our addiction treatment center in Franklin specializes in medication-assisted treatment, individual and family therapy, as well as case management and support services. Patients here also enjoy the same personal attention, compassionate caregiving, and judgment-free environment that they’ve come to expect from Lake Substance Abuse Solutions. If you or someone close to you is being held back in life by substance use disorder, call us now to learn how we can help.

Our approach to substance abuse treatment is based on compassionate and evidence-based care. We believe everyone, regardless of personal history, deserves a chance at a sober life. We withhold judgment; our aim is to understand your condition, how it developed, and what’s the best way forward. As healthcare providers, we know addiction isn’t a reflection of weak willpower. It’s a chronic disease and should be treated as such. With medication, therapy, and other methods of care, we’ll draw up the roadmap for your recovery. Our rehab center is located at 215C Bluegrass Road. We are just south of the intersection of Bluegrass Road and Witt Road and four minutes from downtown. Patients who live outside of Franklin can visit us via several local highways as well as Interstate 61. View all of our treatment center locations to find the one nearest to you.