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Lake Substance Abuse Solutions was developed to address the needs of adults struggling with substance use disorders (SUD). We believe addiction is a disease that affects brain function and should be treated as any other medical condition. Because of this belief, we make every effort to treat the person with integrative and evidenced-based care. We combine the most current treatment methods delivered by caring and experienced healthcare providers to achieve the best result. We recognize the ultimate goal is to get life back on track; there is no one way of accomplishing this goal that is the same for every individual. With that understanding, we tailor treatments that are individualized for your recovery. Our experienced and caring staff will treat you with respect, compassion, and without judgment. We go to great measures to ensure confidentiality and encourage you to discuss any concerns during your first phone call.

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Based on staff assessment, some patients may benefit from medications to address substance abuse or mental health issues. Our providers will conduct a full assessment and prescribe as needed. Patients are closely monitored and re-assess at regularly scheduled follow up visits.

Sometimes called “psychotherapy or counseling” is a process through which patients work one-on-one with a trained therapist. At Lake Substance Abuse Solutions patients are ensured a safe, caring, and confidential environment. These sessions assist in exploring their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors while working through challenging aspects of their life to achieve their goal of recovery. Family therapy can be useful in dealing with the impact of substance use on those in close relationships with the patient. It often assists by helping significant others better understand and learn coping skills to bring them closer together. Group therapy attempts to give individuals a comfortable place where they can process issues related to their substance use issues. Patients gain insight, offer suggestions and support to each other.

Targeted case management is a service that assists in gaining and coordinating access to necessary medical, social, and educational care and other services needed in achieving and maintaining recovery.

Peer Support Specialists are trained in recovery. They provide structured and scheduled therapeutic activity with an individual or group. A Peer Specialist guides the patient toward the identification and achievement of specific goals defined by the patient and specified in their Treatment Plan.

Education and support services are designed to help individuals to achieve their goals while also focusing on the areas of their social, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being needed to help sustain recovery.

Addiction doesn’t stop after treatment has been completed. Lake Substance Abuse Solutions recognizes the importance of post-treatment needs. LSAS will be identifying aftercare needs admission, throughout care, and with follow up contact post discharge.

Our primary goal is to prevent offender recidivism through carefully designed and scientifically-based programs. We also offer support to individuals and groups through individual and group counseling, educational and support services to assist in changing self-defeating thinking, emotions, and actions. We assist in the development of coping skills and support systems to promote long-term satisfaction, quality of life, and recovery.

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Why Choose Lake Substance Abuse Solutions?

Substance use disorder causes devastation for people with the condition and those who care for them. Overcoming addiction, however, takes more than a one-pronged approach. At LSAS, we use holistic treatment methods that target the many facets of substance use while assisting individuals in finding the road to recovery. Through medication assisted outpatient treatment, behavioral health counseling, and individual case management, we give patients the tools to break free of addiction.

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